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‘Colorado’ is Neil Young’s 39th album. He’s reached that point in his career where very few people have constructed as large a catalogue, while delivering a consistent level of quality.

On ‘Colorado’ Young has decided to record with Crazy Horse for the first time since 2012’s ‘Psychedelic Pill’ and they’ve brought Nils Lofgren back for the first time since 1971, resulting in an album that sounds familiar but fresh and visceral.

As a songwriting legend, Neil could easily be rehashing old songs and playing it safe, but instead he’s written an album full of catchy songs, searing riffs about hope for the future, rather than dwelling on the past.

The return of Lofgren is inspired and Crazy Horse sound better than they have since ‘Greendale’ in 2003. The guitars feel tighter and have more bite. Young sounds invigorated but comfortable.