MILES DAVIS ‘In Stockholm 1960 Complete’ w. JOHN COLTRANE & SONNY STITT 4CD


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This is a truly excellent live album from the period immediately after Kind Of Blue. In case you’re wondering, Sonny Stitt plays sax on discs 3 and 4, Coltrane on 1 and 2. One expects the two Coltrane sets to be exceptional, and they are. However, the real treat is Stitt’s work on the last two discs. It is masterful, and a joy to listen to.

This super rare live album is a must-have for any jazz fans! From the double-time versions of ‘So What’ to the gentle subtlety of ‘If I Were a Bell’ Miles and his band are in top form. Sonny Stitt plays on a large part of this album, doing double-duty on both alto and tenor saxophones. Wynton Kelly is no slouch either, with his ever-jubilant piano playing. All in all, Live in Stockholm is an amazing album!   Do yourself a favour and buy it!