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Half of his lifetime ago, Mick Thomas and his fabled outfit Weddings Parties Anything recorded their watershed 1989 album The Big Don’t Argue in Memphis, Tennessee. Now, Thomas has returned to Memphis with his latest ensemble The Roving Commission (which includes former Weddo and long-time collaborator Mark “Squeezebox Wally” Wallace), along with Ben Franz and Dave Foley. The band were on a musical and spiritual pilgrimage to recapture the magic that has stayed with him since those remarkable sessions.

The return trip proved an informed choice, and those inspired sessions are represented in sound on the album Goldwater DFU, his first album in seven years. Mick’s unique mix of folk, roots and country is sure to please longtime fans of this legendary Australian troubadour. (As for the intriguing title, DFU stands for ‘Don’t F-ck Up’). Thomas hasn’t. In fact, he’s delivered one of the finest albums of his career.