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Capturing a 60-minute performance in a Santa Monica guitar shop in 1973, Cosmic Partners is a live record from former Monkees bandmember, Michael Nesmith with pedal steel master O.J. ‘Red’ Rhodes. During the time, Nesmith’s songwriting was not often on display, nor was his folksy style. Following the end of the wild success of the Monkees, Nesmith turned to his writing and acoustic performances. “Some of Shelley’s Blues,” included here, was recorded by the Monkees but not released until 1990. The last two songs, ‘Joanne’ and ‘Silver Moon’ are perfect set closers; you’re reminded that you’re listening to a reel to reel tape when ‘Silver Moon’ abruptly ends in an audible “Bloop!”, an inadvertent, yet somehow appropriate way to end this glimpse of that night of music in 1973. As this is a direct soundboard recording, you hear the concert exactly as it was recorded that night, ambient crowd noise and onstage antics intact, which adds to the intimacy of the ‘Live’ feel of the performance.