MICHAEL MEEKING ‘November ’72’ – CD


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November ’72 is the new album from acclaimed Melbourne singer-songwriter Michael Meeking. Filled with soulful alt-country roots rock with chiming guitars, strong upbeat melodies & big choruses, the album harks back to rock’s glory days.  

“I don’t really need all these material things gettin’ in my way,” Michael declares in “Take ’Em Out”. The record was written on a Chet Atkins reissue Gretsch electric guitar. It’s the soundtrack to simpler times, when records were real, and you scanned the liner notes to find out who was responsible. November ’72 was produced by Roger Bergodaz (Raised By Eagles, Lost Ragas, Tex Perkins, Suzannah Espie), who also adds his drumming talents; Steve Hesketh (The Drones, Jet, You Am I) provides the piano and keys; and The Glorious North’s Patrick Devery and Darren Vlah contribute some sublime backing vocals.

The result is a classic road trip record, where the road is long, and you’ll need a good companion for the ride.