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Recorded between Jake Webb’s home studio in Perth and the 4AD Studio in London, Triage is a reflective dream-pop album that has profound depth amongst catchy hooks and meticulous arrangements. Presented as a coming of age record, Triage successfully captures the listener’s attention with one of the most unique voices in Australian music coupled with compelling self-production, assisted by mix engineer Marta Salogni (Björk, MIA).

Triage mixes a blend of throwback synth-pop and dream-pop with a darker flavour to creates an original sound that is distinct from the majority of current Australian releases. Existing fans as well as new initiates into the cult-like following Webb has built over the span of his career won’t be disappointed. Triage features sombre ballads through to up-tempo disco numbers and all manner of frivolities in between. It’s an album that contains so many intricate parts that each time you listen, you can find something new.

*Also available in-store on 12″ vinyl