MARTIN SIMPSON ‘Home Recordings’


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As the notes to Home Recordings state, Martin Simpson‘s new release was supposed to be a live album, but obvious hurdles have put that on hold. What we are presented with instead is an all-acoustic solo set, crafted as simply as life’s restrictions currently allow, with neighbour Andy Bell recording Martin playing songs and tunes on various guitars, banjos and ukuleles from his spectacular reserve of instruments. The first album that sprang to mind when I read about this one was Martin’s 2013 Vagrant Stanzas set, another completely solo project, first encouraged by Richard Hawley. Although similarities abound, Home Recordings feels somehow easier and more homely in feel to Stanzas. There is a relaxed nature to most of the songs, a mix of originals, covers and instrumentals,

After two albums in Trails and Tribulations and Rooted that saw Martin Simpson add more to his sound after the spare and economical Vagrant Stanzas, circumstances all but dictated his next move and the resulting solo project is a warm and generous selection of songs both old and new and instrumentals that quietly and calmly comment on and celebrate the beauty of life at a time when many need reminding. Although of course impeccably performed with a huge amount of skill and musical prowess, there is still something pure and beautiful about this music that finely balances it and sets it apart from any other Martin Simpson album I can think of. A wonderful achievement and gratefully received.