MAC DEMARCO ‘Here Comes The Cowboy’ – CD


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Indie icon Mac DeMarco has always operated in a tonal hinterland. He matches gorgeous, heartfelt confections that seamlessly merge early indie, 90s alt-rock and classic 70s singer-songwriter fare – Orange Juice meets the Lemonheads meets Harry Nilsson – with a post-ironic slacker persona.

His new album continues this legacy. Here Comes The Cowboy has some genuinely great moments: “Nobody” is gorgeous, lush, and laconic—a slow-burning and burned-out take on a classic California stoner jam. Similarly, “All of Our Yesterdays” is a fluid update of Mac DeMarco’s signature sound: a gentle melancholy so deeply embedded in the track that it takes a few listens to notice that it’s there at all. His music might sound largely the same, but even in DeMarco’s world, time still passes, life continues, and we all fight against getting older, harder, and more cynical.

Here Comes The Cowboy possesses a handful of creative risks that prove satisfying. It sounds like someone who has spent a career staying true to themselves, playing every instrument, writing every song, adopting a singular fashion stance, and even opening their own record label. This album is a reflection of that growth, and hopefully a promise for more of the same.