LUCINDA WILLIAMS ‘Good Souls, Better Angels’ 2LP


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“Man I got a right  To Talk about what I see, Way too much is going wrong, Right in front of me….’
These lines, from “You Can’t Rule Me”, the first track on Lucinda Williams‘ searing new album Good Souls Better Angelsset the theme and tone for the rest of the record, the singer-songwriter’s 15th studio release since her 1979 debut, Ramblin’.
Lucinda Williams has come up with an album for our times — at least if you’re as angry as she is.  “Good Souls, Better Angels” is anything but subtle. Williams takes on “fools and thieves and clowns and hypocrites” — and that’s just on one song, “Bad News Blues.”  Oh, and she goes after the devil, too. And President Donald Trump, in “Man Without a Soul. Williams is pissed off and pained by what she sees and feels, and out of those perceptions and emotions, she’s made the rawest, angriest music of her four-decades-plus career.  And personally, I am so proud of the number of artists who are bravely speaking out in these troubled & uncertain times.  **VINYL INCLUDES 5 EXCLUSIVE BONUS TRACKS

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