LLOYD SPIEGEL ‘Cut and Run’ – CD


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Cut and Run is Lloyd Spiegel’s tenth studio album, and the third and final part of a spontaneously written series of albums in which Spiegel and his guitar tell the lonely and regretful tale of a traveling musician – apt for someone like Spiegel, who has been playing professionally and touring Australia, North America, Europe and Asia since he was a teen. Where previous albums Backroads and This Time Tomorrow had Spiegel asking questions and begging forgiveness for the sins of his past, on Cut and Run he has found the tenacity to face the next chapter of his life.

Spiegel does a masterful job of marrying acoustic and electric sounds throughout the album – and we also get a taste of his anti-establishment views, alongside songs that nail the one thing that the blues should do: connecting with people. Soulful, bluesy and often dark, Cut and Run is a roller coaster ride through Spiegel’s touring life, and musically depicts the toll it has taken. And like a roller coaster, the end of the album leaves the listener emotionally drained, but wishing for more.