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Country music always benefits from strong female voices, especially one as unique as Lauren Jenkins’. Born in Texas and raised in Carolina, the singer-songwriter has been involved in music since she was a teenager, eventually signing a record deal with Big Machine. The result is her dynamic debut album No Saint, a 10-track biography built from unflinching honesty and brave storytelling.

Jenkins doesn’t stick to one style or sound, instead optioning to explore her vast musical palette and showcase what she’s able to do. She proves that she’s a risk taker and an intriguing artist with a distinctive story to share.

No Saint is an album that is rich in variety and explores every facet of Jenkins’ musical abilities. No two songs sound the same, the lyrics are personal and relatable, and her smoky voice is unlike anyone else in music right now. Her brand of country is far removed from the poppier stylings of some of her contemporaries, and No Saint suggests she’s more interested in setting trends than following them. This debut establishes a new and powerful presence in modern country music.