LARKIN POE ‘Self Made Man’


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Perhaps this, Larkin Poe’s fifth album, should have been titled Self Made Women. That would more accurately describe the blues loving Lovell sisters’ career arc over the past decade as they moved from recording albums in their home to a Grammy nomination and headlining status for 2018’s Venom & Faith.

Nashville by way of Atlanta multi-instrumental sisters Rebecca (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Megan (various lap steels, occasional synths) have worked hard, touring incessantly, producing their music for their own label and generally taking complete control of a journey that has seen some downs but mostly ups. They are on a roll now.

In some ways the confidence displayed on all ten swaggering tracks of Self Made Man is a payoff for the years of travel and sweat that came before. While the sisters have never made a bad album, as soon as you push play and the title track comes roaring out with its classic Led Zeppelin-styled riff, sung and played simultaneously by Rebecca, it’s clear that the sisters have found their footing.