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On any terms, Kevin Morby’s fifth solo album is simply breathtaking. Billed as his “first true concept album” and actually penned before his last album, 2017’s City Music, was released, Oh My God is another startling record from one of America’s most evocative songwriters – a musing on our modern-day relationship with faith, whatever shape or form it takes.

From the contemplative ballads, heavenly motifs and soaring choirs, it’s an album to feel something to. Oh My God is a dense listen, and though there are more immediate moments (the raucous ‘OMG Rock n Roll’ and the shapeshifting ‘Hail Mary’ are two examples), you can let this album wash over you and wallow in its most intense songs, for they are the ones that will linger longest. Meanwhile, the more spare use of instrumentation – a splash of sax here, a concise guitar solo there – serves to underline the strength of the songs. This is a remarkable achievement, one that proves that Morby remains on top form. This is a master songwriter at work.