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The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band released Lay It On Down in 2017, which was voted Blues Rock Review’s top album of the year. Two years later, Kenny and the gang are back with The Traveler and they aren’t slowing down. Joined by Noah Hunt (vocals), Chris Layton (drums), Kevin McCormick (bass), and Jimmy McGorman and Joe Krown (keys), The Traveler is another top notch album from start to finish.

This album has Kenny Wayne Shepherd pushing himself once more, not only as a fine songwriter but also with taking on plenty of vocal duties again alongside co-singer Noah Hunt. In a recent interview, Kenny explained how he likes to continue to better himself by trying to produce something different, which in-turn ensures his fans get to hear something new and ensures Kenny remains unpredictable. There is certainly plenty of variety throughout the eight original songs and in addition to these there are two wonderful cover tracks too.

The Traveler is an all-killer no-filler album. It features all sorts of influences, but everything is done well. The Traveler has blues elements, but is a very song-oriented album. We all know Shepherd can shred, but the guitar is always serving the song. When listening to The Traveler it’s easy to tell Kenny and the Band weren’t trying to fit into any particular box, just make a great record and that’s what they’ve accomplished. The Traveler is another can’t miss album from the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band.