JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE ‘The Saint Of Lost Causes’ – CD


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Justin Townes Earle plies several styles on The Saint of Lost Causes, but at heart it is a blues album. Blues and gently melodic folk ballads, always cornerstones of Earle’s sound, feel more fresh and studiously refined this time around. But the subject matter at hand is not pretty. He sees the world differently now and doesn’t like what’s happening to the downtrodden and oppressed. The 12 songs on The Saint of Lost Causes coalesce into a larger story of malaise that’s powerful without turning histrionic, and this is powerful music that’s both timely and timeless.

The album was produced by Earle and his longtime engineer and bassist Adam Bednarik and recorded in Nashville. It features excellent guitar work from Joe V. McMahan, who is a versatile but primarily blues-driven player and Paul Niehaus, who provides pedal steel guitar.

The Saint of Lost Causes finds Earle doubling down on his own stubbornness, and it makes for a most inspiring effort. Only a confident and fearless songwriter could take on this kind of subject matter and make it resonate.