JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change….



Justin Townes Earle has always put a lot of soul into his music (when Steve Earle’s your dad can you do otherwise?) but never quite like this. The troubadour recorded his fifth studio album “Nothing’s Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now” in North Carolina but channeled Memphis into the mix of these 10 tracks-at least the Memphis of Stax and Hi with a little bit of Sun Studios thrown into the mix. Rich organ swells and muscular horn charts mark many of the 10 tracks with a live off-the-floor groove that levitates songs like “Look the Other Way” “Maria” “Memphis in the Rain” and the title track. “Baby’s Got a Bad Idea” however harks back to the honky-tonk while “Won’t Be the Last Time” heads down the highway toward Nashville. Romantic yearning and repentant recognition about what he’s wrought in life are the focus of Earle’s lyrics this time although the opening of “Am I That Lonely Tonight?” and album closer “Movin’ On” find him dealing with family affairs with more ease and clarity than ever before.

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