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While her first album Don’t Let The Kids Win confronted coming of age and building up confidence in Jacklin’s talents and individuality, her new record, Crushing, is rediscovering what about herself she may have buried during a long-term relationship, without erasing the experiences that it created. She uses the body and the spaces it consumes and shrinks within as a driving theme throughout Crushing, uncovering the journeys her own body has taken as a romantic partner, a friend, a woman, and a world-touring musician.

It’s hard not to tumble into Crushing’s vast emotional depths and look past everything else that makes the album exquisite, but it’s her lyrics that showcase just how clever Jacklin’s songwriting can be. Jacklin has an ability to mine minuscule details from immensely complex situations and package them in searing couplets. It’s a subdued yet arresting LP that blends sweet indie-pop with folk introspection and delicate piano balladry. These songs are stamped full of her personality and they mark a major evolution as a songwriter.