JOSH TESKEY & ASH GRUNWALD ‘Push the Blues Away’


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According to a statement from them, ‘Push The Blues Away’ is “an album born out of a mutual love for the blues and a genuine appreciation for each other’s talents”.

The tracks on ‘Push The Blues Away’ were recorded live and straight to tape, and were written either by Josh or Ash, except the covers of ‘Preachin’ Blues’ and ‘The Sky Is Crying’.  According to Grunwald, the idea for the album stemmed after he and Teskey began jamming to ‘The Sky Is Crying’ while filming the clip for their 2019 collaborative single, ‘Ain’t My Problem’.

“Somebody filmed our little jam,” he said in a statement.  “And it became the seed of a great idea: Why don’t we do an acoustic blues album? No bells and whistles, something from the heart.”

Both Ash Grunwald and The Teskey Brothers released stunning & critically acclaimed albums last year, ‘Mojo’ and ‘Run Home Slow’, respectively, along with The Teskey’s Live @ The Forum earlier this year.  These two relatively young artists are seriously at the top of their game right now & on a creative roll…providing us with what is sure to be “a match made in Heaven”!