JONAH TOLCHIN ‘Fires For The Cold’


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Watching talented young musicians get off to a great start then continue to grow into the truest versions of themselves is a wonderful thing. Some emerge fairly fully formed, while others need a bit more time and space, as they roam through various genres and try on various styles.

When Clover Lane came out in 2014, Jonah Tolchin set everyone on notice that he was a blues-influenced, guitar-based blues singer/songwriter to be reckoned with. His 2016 follow-up, Thousand-Mile Night, found his smoothing out some of the roughest edges of his sound. Now, with Fires for the Cold, Tolchin’s transition into a tender-hearted folkie is almost complete. Relying primarily on his songs — fleshed out by acoustic guitar, upright bass, and subdued drums — Fires for the Cold leaves the ripping riffs to others.  Guests include JACSON BROWNE, RICKIE LEE JONES, SARA WATKINS etc.