JOHN SCOFIELD “Uberjam Deux”


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If John Scofield had retired 20 years ago, he would have left a permanent mark on jazz music. At that point in his career, he had already released numerous albums as a bandleader and collaborated with some of jazz’s finest musicians such as Miles Davis and Jaco Pastorius. Luckily, if his recorded output since then is any indication, Scofield is not a musician who is content with resting on his laurels or repeating the past.
His latest release, Uberjam Deux, is his third to feature the Uberjam Band, a lineup of talented musicians who help Scofield stretch his jazz roots into a mixture of funk, fusion, soul, reggae, and dance grooves. It has been ten years since Up All Night, the last Uberjam Band album, and since then Scofield has stayed busy with many other projects including a Ray Charles tribute, an album of all ballads, and live and studio collaborations with Medeski, Martin, and Wood.
It is always refreshing and encouraging to see a seasoned, successful artist willing to evolve and move forward. John Scofield has proven himself to be one such musician with an ever-shifting, chameleon like approach to his art. Uberjam Deux has something to offer to everyone from jazz purists to festival kids, and is a worthy addition to his impressive catalog of work.