JIM LAUDERDALE ‘When Carolina Comes Home Again’


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You could say it’s remarkable that Lauderdale counts this as his 33rd album release. That’s a lot of music. However, what’s more remarkable is that this is another engaging, tuneful and impressive release from a man who knocks out an album every year.

This is a return to his roots in North Carolina; Here we have 13 tracks of acoustic country bluegrass that are either co-writes or his own compositions. The sounds are often traditional but his ear for a contemporary country tune colours the whole album: not a bad thing. There are several appearances of other local artists but frankly too many to mention here. There is the firm imprint of Lauderdale on each track – positive, bright and energetic compositions.

Surrounded by a tight and accomplished band most tracks are full of harmonies and danceable rhythms. “As A Sign” is a break up song that’s far too cheerful for you to feel anything other than his relief at the fact she’s gone! “You’ve Got This” also kicks along at a pace driven by banjo , mandolin and fiddle. He’s called a LEGEND & he definitely is one!