JACK HOWARD ‘Lightheavyweight 2’ *CD


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Jack Howard, the much loved trumpet player of HUNTERS & COLLECTORS fame, who has released many solo/group recordings independently, has just released a newie! In Jack’s words:
In 2018 I released Lightheavyweight , a new kind of record for me. Inspired by an amazing world tour that I was lucky to be a part of, LHW was a series of tracks written on the road with a strong nod to electronica and trumpeters like JON HASSELL and MILES DAVIS.
LHW2 is different but similar. Written during our lockdown year of discontent. I’m pretty excited about it. I’d call it a local variant on the international jetsetting bathrobed adventure that was Lightheavyweight. More beats, more disco, more brass. A lot of local colour in songs inspired by the Elwood Canal, Grey St, Cicciolina, the MCG.
The tunes usually begin with a drum and bass loop and proceed along very spontaneous lines. A lot of flugel horn this time around and swirling synths, plus some fine guests: BARRY PALMER on guitar, ED BATES on pedal steel, PAUL WILLIAMSON on tenor sax and FIONA LEONARD on backing vocals.
It will be available in all the good record stores. There’s vinyl – and a CD that includes the original LHW, so you get 20 tracks in all on the CD.
Come get your copy while they last folks!