J. J. CALE ‘Stay Around’ – CD


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Stay Around is the first posthumous album by beloved songwriter and guitarist John Cale. It was put together by those closest to Cale – his widow and musician Christine Lakeland Cale and friend and longtime manager, Mike Kappus.

Christine Lakeland Cale pored over songs to make the best possible compilation, and accordingly one of the pleasures of Stay Around is its judicious song selection, which stretches from Cale’s legendary one-man studio creations and gentle acoustic songs to full-band takes and even some banjo playing. She adds, “I wanted to find stuff that was completely unheard to max-out the ‘Cale factor’… as much that came from John’s ears and fingers and his choices as I could, so I stuck to John’s mixes… You can make things so sterile that you take the human feel out. But John left a lot of that human feel in. He left so much room for interpretation.”

Stay Around is a breezily bittersweet glimpse at the life of the artist who died in 2013 and left behind a vital, resounding legacy. It may be, strictly speaking, an archival release, but it feels as vital and inviting as Cale always did.