INXS ‘Live Baby Live’ DVD (BluRay also avail)


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This concert was their epic 1991 Summer gig at Wembley Stadium , a blockbuster gig filmed at the iconic English venue when INXS were at the absolute peak of their powers. At the time, the band took a punt on essentially sacrificing their earnings from the gig to get in acclaimed music filmmaker David Mallett (Queen, David Bowie, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones and more) and film the gig on 35mm film, across 17 or so cameras including one in a helicopter.

That decision, all those years ago, has paid off in spades with the digital restoration of this amazing show… literally a note perfect, sublime performance which features pretty much every INXS song you probably know and love**

For music fans in general, particularly if you love your Aussie music, this is a must. As Tim Farriss told a Melbourne radio station in the lead-up to its release, it was basically 6 blokes on stage with a PA, some lights (& a lot of cameras & a helicopter!!)…. and that’s about it. No backing singers, no grand piano wheeled out for the ballad, no ego ramps, as he put it.