HOLY HOLY ‘My Own Pool Of Light’ – CD


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Highlighting a strong contrast of high emotions and pulsating energy, Holy Holy have delivered a captivating collection of tracks for their third studio album that shows maturity and growth. My Own Pool Of Light never stops surprising, changing shapes between tracks for a diverse rock record bound by a sense of restlessness. The band tries on slinky funk verses on “Faces”, evokes the Thunderstruck riff on “Sandra”, skirts trip-hop on “Starting Line” and catches New Wave with “Frida” on the way out.

But fear not, the intricate melodies, soundscapes, and ever-present alluring hooks haven’t been left behind. One could say they’ve simply been given a new home amongst a plethora of fresh sounds and instrumentation.My Own Pool Of Light is an engaging listen from start to finish that really captures the essence of this dynamic duo. There are not only energetic anthems that will excel in their live show, but there are also thought evoking moments that cite a deeper acknowledgement.