HADEN TRIPLETS ‘Family Songbook’


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Petra, Rachel, and Tanya Haden, the daughters of legendary jazz bassist Charlie Haden present The Family Songbook,the sophomore release from the three sisters, offering a similar sound to the debut, with stellar guests, some of whom return, including Bill Frisell and others. While it is primarily a vocal album with harmonies that could only stem from harmonic instincts shared by siblings, who have been singing since they were toddlers, it is quite the guitar album as well.

The Hadens have spent so much of their lives absorbing every instance of American music, from folk, country, and bluegrass to jazz, blues, and gospel, that they literally have a century of music to draw from, much of which they were directly exposed to from an early age.  So, it’s their unearthing of early American music from The Depression and post-Depression eras combined with indie rock and experimental sensibilities that make them unique.