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Ziller’s sound may bear the hallmarks of classic Americana music but its essence is far more diverse. The Melbourne songstress’ roots span jazz, blues, rock, pop and classical, and that eclectic musical upbringing is reflected in the varied tracks on this new collection.

“I didn’t want to make an album that sounded like anything in the Americana scene right now,” says Ziller. “I wanted my album to reflect the soundtrack of my childhood, yet sonically and lyrically sound like who I am now. I really wanted to push the boundaries of what country music, or Americana, alt-country – whatever you want to call it – can sound like. ”

The new album finds Ziller ranging far and wide over the sonic landscape, pushing her uniquely expressive voice, kaleidoscopic sound, and deft songwriting skills to dizzying new heights.  Judas Tree deploys richly layered guitar-driven sounds, building on Ziller’s roots in blues, rock, jazz, and pop.

A study in songwriting mastery, incomparable vocal power, and stylistic expansion, Judas Tree is an unmissable listen.