THE GOASTT “Midnight Sun” CD


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Being the spawn of two of the 20th Century’s most recognisable cultural figures no doubt brings its own pressures, which may be why Sean Lennon has always seemed content to make an esoteric noise under the radar. Something, on the third Ghost Of A Sabre Tooth Tiger record, seems to have changed. Alongside partner Charlotte Kemp Muhl, ‘Midnight Sun’ positively slays. Opener ‘Too Deep’ is like a joyous mashup of The Beatles’ ‘Hey Bulldog’ and the Beastie Boys’ ‘Sabotage’, while ‘Animals’ is an epic psychedelic wig out with kaleidoscopic chord progressions. ‘Johannesburg’ – sung by CKM – recalls the charming arcane weirdness of previous offerings, but this time there are killer hooks aplenty that immediately hit the spot.