GEORGE HARRISON ‘All Things Must Pass’ 3CD reissue 50th Anniv. ed.


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Released in November 1970, just seven months after the group’s breakup was belatedly confirmed, it has become synonymous with the concept of suppressed brilliance. Since he first landed a composition on a Beatles album with “Don’t Bother Me” in 1963, Harrison had battled, largely unsuccessfully, to place his songs on the group’s records, eventually securing one per LP and finally one per vinyl side. Thus, he had a huge backlog of material, and his deep frustration at trying to break the John Lennon-Paul McCartney songwriting stranglehold was one of many factors in the group’s dissolution. Yet it’s also the reason why “All Things Must Pass” is such a masterpiece: He’d been working toward it for his entire career.

All that preparation and pent-up inspiration came to fruition on this remarkable album, which was originally released as two vinyl LPs, along with a bonus disc of jams by the amazing line-up of musicians Harrison assembled: In addition to Clapton, Starr and Preston were guitarists Dave Mason and Peter Frampton, bassist Klaus Voorman,keyboardists Gary Wright and Gary Brooker, drummer Alan White, all of Badfinger and the musicians who would join Clapton in Derek and the Dominos — and the whole shebang was produced by Harrison with “Wall of Sound” maestro Phil Spector.

Not surprisingly, this meticulously prepared 50th anniversary edition presents the album more gloriously than ever, with a brand new, pristine remix.