GEORGE BENSON ‘Walking To New Orleans’ – CD


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George Benson gets back to Americana basics on Walking to New Orleans, the jazz guitar legend’s double-barreled tribute to both piano-pounding hit machine Fats Domino and the original rock guitar hero and poet, Chuck Berry. This is George Benson’s 45th album (!), and few sound quite as loose-limbed and flat-out fun as this one. “We did have us a ball making this record,” he admits.

Benson covers some of the finest tracks recorded by the majestic duo that was Chuck Berry and Fats Domino – and for all the old school kids out there who were reared on the finest Blues and Soul, these two laid a foundation that many of the modern day greats owe their livelihood to. Benson’s playing is sublime (as you would expect), with a collection of equally sublime musicians to translate the music of the two masters into the modern day. Drummer and music director Greg Morrow, guitarist Rob McNelley, pianist Kevin McKendree and bassist Alison Prestwood create a full-bodied and rich 21st century take that is simply breathtaking. An awesome effort!