FRANK ZAPPA ‘Hot Rats’ Anniv. Deluxe Edition 6CD


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The multi-disc box includes unreleased tracks, rare mixes, never-before-seen photos from the Hot Rats era and an exclusive ‘Zappa Land” board game.

The Hot Rats Sessions box is an in depth commemoration of the original album, first released on 10 October 1969. Hot Rats established Zappa as a virtuosic guitarist with a record that he described as a “movie for your ears.”

Frank Zappa released no fewer than 62 albums in his 52 years, but Hot Rats marked the beginning of a new era of his career, following the dissolution of his band The Mothers Of Invention. Pairing the sophistication of jazz with rock’n’roll’s attitude, Hot Rats remains a freeform-fusion masterpiece that has inspired countless others.