FIONA APPLE ‘Fetch the Bolt Cutters’


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Ambitious, exhilarating, heartbreaking and unlike anything else.

Her fifth album, recorded in her home well before mandated isolation, is her first in eight years. It’s deeply percussive, unflinchingly personal, astoundingly unique and – most vitally – extraordinarily good.

That final point seems overly simple when describing an album of such grand and often bizarre ambition. But Apple’s lived experience in music – the fights, the triumphs, the frustration, the joy – put her in a good position to break so many rules and still come out with a cohesive piece of art.

Her voice sounds different now. She’s no longer just a singer, she’s a beat poet, a rapper, a woman in distress and a foley artist. Her singing, her noises, her conversational passages… they’re all vital in this album’s tapestry. It sounds weird sometimes, but never without reason.