ESTHER ROSE ‘You Made It This Far’ – CD


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New Orleans-based Esther Rose writes music that feels like you’ve known it forever. You’ll swear you heard the songs from her sophomore album, You Made It This Far, at your local Texas-themed dive bar, or maybe on those dusty old records in your parents’ vinyl collection. This is a re-imagining of the country music of yesteryear through the eyes of a millennial songwriter. In much the same way Leon Bridges puts a modern spin on Sam Cooke, Esther Rose repurposes Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette for a younger audience.

Rose draws musical inspiration from the classic country songbook, artists like Hank Williams and Patsy Cline, and focuses her songwriting on self-discovery and how the passing of time shifts her understanding of people. She’s also noted the influence of traditional blues music, and you can hear the echo of her old punk mixtapes from high school too. In subtler ways than her 2017 debut This Time Last Night, a stark, this music incorporates the atmosphere around her. Peaceful, with ample room to breathe, these are songs that could change with each performance, on any night, in different weather.  She’s often accompanied by lap steel and fiddle – two instruments that closely approximate the twang of her voice – and the arrangements fill the blanks between her words.

You Made It This Far is nothing short of a triumph. Rose doesn’t even remotely attempt to reinvent the wheel, but she modifies it ever so slightly, making this one of the most pleasant listens you’ll hear this year.