DRIVE BY TRUCKERS ‘Plan 9 Records, July 13th 2006’ 2CD


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In the midst of another long haul tour promoting their A Blessing and a Curse album, Drive-By Truckers found a moment to stop off for a set at Richmond’s Plan 9 Records. The over two-hour set served to celebrate the store’s 25th anniversary but was also a memorial fundraiser for Bryan Harvey (leader of ’80s Richmond duo House of Freaks) and his family. All of whom had been murdered earlier in the year—Drive-By Truckers leader Patterson Hood would later eulogize the Harveys on “Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife.” What makes the Plan 9 live set most notable though is that it’s the band’s first live album release to cover the Jason Isbell era.

Not only does Plan 9 have Isbell on board, but it coincides with pedal steel player John Neff’s tenure with the band. Neff’s presence is readily apparent from the start on “Tales Facing Up,” and gives large swaths of the album an undeniable Exile on Main Street feel. In fact, The Stones’ non-Exile track “Midnight Mile” is the sole cover here. If you’re a fan of the band and particularly this iteration, this makes for a fine document of their rowdier days.  Especially given the quality of the sound that puts you right in the room.