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Delta Spirit have been pretty vocal about not wanting to be pigeonholed as an Americana band. After following up their folksy 2008 debut, Ode to Sunshine, with the country-tinged History From Below in 2010, they definitely ran that risk.

Into the Wide has been presented as their moodiest album yet, but it’s not loaded with dreary tunes. Delta Spirit’s trademark bootstrap-pulling positivity still courses throughout. “Language of the Dead” champions people to trust their own creativity, beckoning, “Dreamers, get your own dream.” Pounding single “Live On” tells of Vasquez’s conquering a childhood bully by finding the emotional resilience to have faith in tomorrow. Finding strength among those closest to you in those unavoidable hours of darkness is celebrated on “Take Shelter”.

But for all the new moods, Delta Spirit remains Delta Spirit. They’ve successfully expanded their range without it feeling unnatural. The change is never forced; they just have faith in their intuition. That’s what led them to Brooklyn, which led them to Into the Wide. Wherever those instincts take them next, they should trust it.