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Savagely self-deprecating, The Words Of Men is the 10th album Deborah Conway has made with her husband Willy Zygier. It’s a robust partnership, and this record shows that Conway is certainly no one-trick pony. Her songwriting remains razor-sharp, brave, combative and uncompromising. This is spiky pop, where the titles forewarn: ‘I Need To Complain’, ‘There’s A War That’s Coming’, ‘Yours With Disgust’… Then there’s that voice. She might joke about being an old lady, but this vocal still soars.

Recorded live to capture the vitality and beauty of the chemistry Deborah and Willy share, The Words of Men reflects one of the most creative bursts in their renowned 27 year collaboration, traversing a wide range of themes, from songs about relationships, their breakdown, and the mysteries and joys of ageing, to the strange circumstances we find ourselves in as the 21st century progresses. Featuring songs of personal, cultural & political observation, it rolls together beautifully with a mixture of folk, catchy indie-pop and the special something that only Conway’s sound can provide. Familiar without being stale, fresh but also clearly soaked in experience – it’s just a shame there isn’t more.

When Conway states, “I sing imperfect words, they roll off my tongue, I got something for everyone,” it’s no lie. Long may she roar.