DANIEL RODRIGUEZ ‘Sojourn of a Burning Sun’


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Colorado singer songwriter,  DANIEL RODRIGUEZ, turns to his acoustic guitar for memorable, melodic hooks to accompany his poetic and contemplative folk songs.   With over a decade under his belt as one of the founding members and lead songwriters of the transcendental folk band, ELEPHANT REVIVAL during which time the band released six albums and performed countless shows and festivals across the nation as well as overseas, but decided on a hiatus in 2018.  

Using this ‘down time’ productively, Rodriguez invites us on his personal journey through loss and love, and his resolution to both reflect AND LOOK FORWARD.   Rodriguez’s friend and bandmate Darren Garvey joins him on the album, as do special guests Andrew Marlin of MANDOLIN ORANGE and Paul Hoffman of GREENSKY BLUEGRASS.   Whilst ruminating on his personal life’s fluidity, rejuvenation and the ushering in of a new era in his own life….he may well be delivering us the elixer  WE also need right now!  It’s a beautiful album….”do yourself a favour…” as the famous quote goes…

Often In the darkest & most challenging times, for both the creator & the listener,  music lulls us, & ideally transports us over & above our anxiety & immediate surrounds. There are certain albums that flow with ‘virtual’ healing waters & awaken the senses; the guitars, pianos, violins, and vocals weave under and around one another, ebbing and flowing, often unwittingly reducing our stess & frustration whilst inspiring & encouraging a sense of hope,  pure escapism, joy and optimism.  Daniel Rodriguez’s debut solo album Sojourn of a Burning Sun is one of those albums.