COLOURED BALLS ‘The First Supper Last (…or Scenes We Didn’t Get To See) – CD


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Fully digitally remastered for the first time, The First Supper Last… was ostensibly the Coloured Balls’ first studio album, recorded in 1972 but not issued until 1976. Even though it was recorded on a shoestring budget, this is a hard-hitting, gut-level rock album. The tracks certainly capture the band’s ragged early promise, and features savage playing from lead guitarist Lobby Loyde and original rhythm guitarist Andrew Fordham.

For the true fans, The First Supper Last… has now been superbly remastered by Aztecs drummer and label founder Gil Matthews. The reissue also contains a 20-page booklet with rare photos and extensive liner notes. This album is an undeniable piece of Australian rock history, its raw energy more than surviving the decades, its influence still heard in today’s generation of bands – well worth a revisit!