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Clairy Browne is back as a pop singer and she’s got more in common with Beyonce than with the 60s soul that defined her band, the Bangin’ Rackettes.The Melbourne singer’s debut solo album Pool is as playful as pop gets but it also shows a raw side.Going solo is clearly an opportunity to venture further into pop than she could do with her soul band The Bangin’ Rackettes. Rather than a tight, pumping band, Browne has renowned Los Angeles’ producers ensuring her amazing voice has a solid platform over which it can blow our minds. Given it combines neo soul, retro disco vibes, 90s R&B and snappy modern pop production, it’s no surprise that Pool is a very diverse record. Brassy soulful party anthems (‘Vanity Fair’, ‘Love Song to the World’), big heart-clutching ballads (‘Still Goodbye’), disco anthems (‘Pool’) and bouncy modern pop (‘With You’) all pervade the record, offering something new with every track.

“When you put out a record under your own name you’re immediately more vulnerable. You can’t hide behind anything,”

“This album is truly a reflection of me. I am not selling out as an artist as some people in the public might think. All the songs were written by me and I self-produced the video to (first single) Vanity Fair.”