CHUCK PROPHET ‘The Land That Time Forgot’


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Chuck Prophet, San Francisco’s savior-songwriter, returns with his new album The Land That Time Forgot. Varying from the rich heartland rock of songs like Best Shirt On, to the building drum machine of Marathon and all the way back to stripped back words and guitar of Nixonland and Get Off the Stage, Prophet’s work defies classification.  Since his neo-psychedelic ‘Green On Red’ days, Chuck Prophet has been turning out country, folk, blues, and Brill Building classicism.  Chuck Prophet is a rock and roll star in a country that has forgotten that it needs rock and roll stars. America turns its popular musicians into celebrities (as if that’s what we need more of). Meanwhile, the true grit, write it like you live it and live it ’til it kills you musical artist often exists in relative obscurity, playing small clubs (when they can!) while sweating blood over making records. Thankfully, we live in the same timeline as Chuck Prophet