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‘Music City USA’ is the prolific artist’s 10th LP in six years.  Music City USA will mark the second full-length release of 2021 from Charley Crockett, following his tribute to country singer-songwriter James “Slim” Hand, and his 10th release in the last six years. The singer-songwriter once again teamed up with producer Mark Neill, who helmed Charley’s fabulous 2020 album Welcome To Hard Times.  The collaborators also returned to Neill’s Soil of the South Productions recording facility in Valdosta, Georgia to cut the new record.

Crockett, a Texas native, shared the first taste of the 16-track effort, “I Need Your Love,” which he detailed in a statement:

I like to think of my sound as “Gulf & Western,” and this number here is all gulf coast music. Something you’d hear out of southeast Texas recording studios or southern Louisiana. I’d been foolin’ around with this song for a while, and when we went to record it, we decided at the last minute to double the length of the chorus. I felt right then that we had something. I’d wanted to bring the horns back for a couple of tunes on this album. Soul and Country R&B from the deep south is a whole lot of who I am. I hope it shows through on “I Need Your Love.”