CHARLES JENKINS ‘When I Was On The Moon’ – CD


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Lauded Melbourne songwriter Charles Jenkins has released a surprise acoustic album, in a stripped-back style which highlights his exemplary lyricism. When I Was On The Moon features the ARIA-nominated songwriter at his most poignant, performing 10 new songs, solo, on a nylon string guitar. The album was recorded over a few days in Jenkins’ small spare room with one voice, one mic and one guitar, in stark contrast to the complex instrumentation of recent work with his bands Icecream Hands and The Zhivagos.

“The temptation to add strings, and perhaps other elements, was there for a while,” said Jenkins, “but listening back, I enjoyed its minimalism and so I resisted that urge.”

The result is starkly impressive. It’s as if Jenkins is alone in the room with you, with only the occasional warble of birds outside the window (heard on a few tracks) to augment the powerful storytelling.