CARLTON JUMEL SMITH ‘1634 Lexington Avenue’ – CD


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After hitting hard in the soul circles with his debut single “I Can’t Love You No More” and following it with “This Is What Love Looks Like”, Carlton Jumel Smith is back at it with an album full of contemporary soul gold. The material mined on 1634 Lexington Avenue is none other than the vintage groove troves of classic 1970’s r&b, and it feels like it has been brewed up effortlessly. The songwriting and expression by Carlton carry strong echoes of Memphis soul and Motown – his vocals reverberate with the passion of Bobby Womack, the sensuality of Al Green and the sincerity of Curtis Mayfield. We’re talking about musical traditions he’s incorporated into his expression since witnessing James Brown at the Apollo as an 8-year old.

On this album Carlton Jumel Smith explores different shades of the golden era of soul music, and it would be hard to find anyone doing it as fresh in 2019. By paying proper homage to his soul elders, while also employing more distinctly subtle singing and a greater relatability via his plainspoken lyrics, Smith sets himself apart with 1634 Lexington Avenue. You know those front to back soul album classics you treasure in your collection? This will stand up with the best of them.