BUDDY & JULIE MILLER ‘Breakdown On 20th Ave. South’ – CD


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Americana legends Buddy and Julie Miller return with their first album in 10 years, a collection of 12 songs that were largely written by Julie and produced by Buddy. Battling health issues, separation and emotional tension, the album represents a process of learning and healing for the couple. Recorded in the bedroom above Buddy’s home studio, the bedroom recordings give the album a distinct intimacy and sound built upon Julie’s expressive voice, and Buddy’s harmonies and propulsive instrumentation.

From the driving title track, in which Julie exposes her personal and creative dilemmas of the last several years, to songs that explore hard-fought affection, spiteful anger, and spiritual sustenance, the album confronts difficult subjects with the poetry and the persistent, heart-bearing honesty fans expect from the Millers. Breakdown on 20th Ave. South reveals both the scars and the healing. The music is fueled by madness and love, and by passion and patience – all qualities that go into a working, evolving marriage involving two sensitive, wildly creative individuals.

This is a record that is intimate and dependable; Buddy and Julie live this music and they are a safe pair of hands, ploughing traditions that are comforting and reassuring.