BRENNEN LEIGH ‘Prairie Love Letter’


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Nearly twenty years after leaving home, striking out to make a living in the bluegrass and country scenes first in Texas and now in Nashville, singer-songwriter Brennen Leigh is still longing for the prairie. Born in North Dakota and raised in rural Minnesota, Leigh’s brand new album, Prairie Love Letter, lives up to its name in all but the stereotypical, assumptive ways implied by its title.

Prairie Love Letter idealizes Leigh’s harsh, forbidding homeland — as paeans to the prairie are wont to do — but not without the nuance a nomadic, troubadour lifestyle affords, and Leigh’s perspective as a woman in 2020. It’s all underscored by the ever-growing distance between her and the grassy plains for which she pines, marked by months and years, continually ticking by.

Leigh’s voice is charming, but has more of a heft, reminiscent of the Indigo Girls’ Amy Ray, and almost like it built itself up as protection from tough winters. Paired with music that works the space between country and folk, produced by Robbie Fulks, who’s familiar with that space himself, the songs are like traveling to a different region, where the locals serve a familiar dish a little bit differently.