BRAD MEHLDAU ‘Finding Gabriel’ – CD


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Shape-shifting jazz pianist Brad Mehldau drew from the Holy Bible as the main source for the 10 tunes on Finding Gabriel, and the result is a soundtrack for our times — in search of solace but stressed and agitated as boundaries are tested.

Mehldau plays lots of synthesizer, including the bass parts, and the drums are often digital too, which will be new territory for a lot of fans. In lesser hands it would all be a mess, but Mehldau’s wealth of experience ensures he delivers a congruent and pleasant listening experience. The intricate arrangements of wordless vocals are fascinating, and among the singers is Mehldau, who happens to have a lovely voice – just not one that he puts on display very often. Finding Gabriel is a warmly approachable album, with serene and stimulating soundscapes, complex chords and fetching melodies abound.