BOB EVANS ‘Tomorrowland’


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Australian singer songwriter, Bob Evans released  two singles Concrete Heart, a stunning, sunny track featuring harmonies from Stella Donnelly, and Born Yesterday preceding the launch of  his sixth studio album Tomorrowland,  Bob Evans is a much lauded alter ego of Jebediah frontman Kevin Mitchell who has graced the Australian music scene for more than two decades and has written some of the country’s most beloved songs.

Produced by Steven Schram (Paul Kelly, Kate Miller-Heidke), tracks such as Concrete Heart are ‘Bob’ at his very best; glistening guitar, Beatles-inspired harmony and melody, and a shining arrangement that pulls it all together. Featuring harmony vocals from WA’s Stella Donnelly, evoking classic influences of Crowded House and The Go-Betweens, and yet remaining  perfectly unique to Bob Evans.   Over five albums, he has strived for & reached the acoustic melody sweet spot, the folk/rock alternative whose songs became favourites..Conversely, this time around he embraced the electric guitar & ran with it.  Tomorrowland was spawned during one of the worst times for anyone, anywhere: the covid-cursed 2020, a period when initial recording was completed one day after all his gigs were cancelled, and two weeks before Kevin and everyone else in Victoria went into an agonisingly long lockdown. But the result is euphoric & often sparkling.