BILLY SHERWOOD ‘Citizen: In The Next Life’ – CD


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Citizen: In The Next Life is Billy Sherwood’s second release in the Citizen series, which follows the concept that he started with the Citizen album released in November 2015. The songs describe the individual experiences in a journey through time and space of a character, “The Citizen”, through his own eyes: from an appearance in the Berlin bunker as Adolf Hitler in the final days of WWII, to the Impressionist painter Monet, to Stephen Hawking exploring the depths of the mind and the universe, and plenty more.

Incredibly, Sherwood plays everything (even drums) as well as producing. In his own words: “I’m looking forward to this record coming out and having people take these jumps through time. With the citizen as a guide there are many interesting places this lost soul appears. I think of it as a sort of movie for the ears. I recommend a good set of headphones and let the stories take you on a journey,”

Citizen: In The Next Life is indeed a splendid ride in human history with an exceptional storyteller at the wheel, bringing us on a fascinating musical ride through the centuries.