ANNA CALVI ”One Breath” – CD


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The story of Anna Calvi‘s second album begins in the same place as her eponymous debut did – the Black Box recording studio in La Dionnaie, France – but ends in a noticeably different place. She actually finished this album in Texas, which is appropriate in the context of the album itself, as One Breath is a similarly wide-ranging collection of songs. In her own words, “One Breath is the moment before you’ve got to open yourself up, and [the album’s] about how terrifying that is. It’s scary and it’s thrilling. It’s also full of hope, because whatever has to happen hasn’t happened yet.”

Armed with her distinctive alto and virtuoso guitar playing, Calvi knows a thing or two about conjuring up moments of high drama and, as her new record’s themes suggest, the experience of listening to it is one that can be felt intensely. When the new tracks are at their most restrained, they’re never more than a moment away from exploding, and it’s this constant sense of tension and a gradual build that imbue her new songs with an expressive energy. She and her band are no strangers to letting loose, but these explosions are controlled, with opener “Suddenly” showcasing her flair for the cinematic and her love of contrasting dynamics, as well as the ability to pen a formidable, wordless chorus.
She never tries too hard, though, resulting in an album that’s more about its creator settling into herself as a composer than anything else. Despite her flirtations with the pop spectrum, One Breath shows Calvi rooted in “grower” territory, and should be savored over the coming winter months.