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Blood is the tenth studio album by singer-songwriter Allison Moorer. Like Down to Believing, her previous solo release, Blood is a collection of tracks relating the emotions and trauma that Moorer and her sister Shelby Lynne went through during their childhoods growing up in a troubled home in southern Alabama which ultimately resulted in the murder-suicide of their parents in 1986. Moorer stated that she considers these songs to be her most revealing, personal and finest works to date.

The album reunites Moorer with “The Hardest Part” producer Kenny Greenberg who also adds bass, guitars and pedal steel throughout. The album has a sparse, intimate feel which makes each track all the more compelling. Many consider The Hardest Part and sister Shelby’s I Am Shelby Lynne albums to be high water marks of the genre. Blood is destined to join that lofty designation. It’s an album that’s emotional, personal and gripping. It’s an album that is worthy of taking home a slew of Americana awards, and Grammy consideration.